pullet eggs

July 29, 2016

Our little girls are getting to be all grown up! Here are the first two little eggs our Golden Comet pullets have laid for us:




The big egg in the middle is a jumbo, from one of our leghorns. The two brown eggs, much smaller, are the color we'd expect from our Comets. In a few weeks, their eggs will be large, and will continue to be large-and-up for the rest of their laying careers.


When young birds first start to lay eggs, they're small--sometimes VERY small. These two eggs, weighing less than 1.7 ounces are too small to sell as "medium" (1.75 to just under 2 ounces). 


By next Saturday, I hope to have a few boxes of cute little pullet eggs to bring to our booth at Asheville City Market. Meanwhile, these two will be breakfast tomorrow.

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