what we do when we're snowed in

In between carrying in firewood, thawing out the dogs' and chickens' water, and catching up on paperwork ... we cook and eat!

rum walnut cake

The rum-walnut cake above, baked a couple of days ago, is now all gone, except for delicious memories. Got some peach cobbler in the oven for today--a fine, easy thing to do with a pint of the peaches from last summer's farm market that we sliced, sugared, and froze last summer.

All winter long we enjoy cooking with foods from our garden and from other vendors at our farm markets, foods we froze, canned, or otherwise processed all summer long. On the menu tonight: chili with white beans, our own butternut squash, chopped tomatoes, and bell peppers (sliced, frozen on baking sheets, then poured into a bag, ready to add to a saute pan). Yum.

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