Dogs and chickens

Sometimes, our two dogs get VERY interested in what's going on in the pasture where our chickens live.

dog at pasture gate

Fortunately, our little pet rooster is on the prowl.

rooster closeup

Just kidding. This little guy weighs all of about 5 pounds. He's not going to be much help as a guard--that's what the dogs themselves do, outside the fence. And they do a fine job keeping predators away from our pasture and garden.

The rooster is a Silver Leghorn, bred mostly for show and sent to us as a gift from the hatchery with our mail order of 25 female white leghorn chicks last June. We think he's very handsome, and have decided to keep him as a pet.

He just this past week learned to crow properly, after a few weeks of inept "awwk" noises. He seems very pleased with himself.

rooster in sunbeam

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