Garlic and robins

The morning after all that snow and ice melted here, a small flock of robins appeared, pecking at the mud around our garden.

Robins migrate north more or less along a 37 degree isotherm (an imaginary east-west line that pushes northward in early spring, connecting places where the mean temperature has reached 37 degrees Fahrenheit).

Why 37 degrees? At that temperature, the soil's thawed and softened enough for robins to peck at and find good things to eat--specifically earthworms. While the robins are migrating north, earthworms are migrating up, from their winter homes deeper underground toward the soil's warming surface.

So what does all this have to do with garlic?

garlic emerging

The garlic we planted last fall also popped up out of the ground, green and fresh, literally the day after the snow that covered it had melted. If you look closely at the photo, you can see that chickweed, too, has emerged. (We'll weed that out soon....)

Right now, because the days are getting longer, and the weather the past few weeks has been unusually cold for this time of year, every living plant in the garden and the woods is itching to burst forth with greenery.

As soon as we get some sunshine, all of that pent-up plant energy will start popping out green. I'll post more pictures then. Meanwhile, here's a pretty crummy photo of the first crocus of the season here on Hap Mountain:

first crocus

Happy soon-to-be spring!

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