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Sting Stopper Stick

  • Great for any first aid kit!

    The broad leaf of plantain (Plantago major), a common lawn weed, is used to stop the pain and prevent swelling from bee and wasp stings. Some people find it helps reduce the itching of mosquito bites; it might also help draw out stubborn splinters. 

    The simplest way to use plantain is to pick a leaf, chew on it to moisten, then apply directly to where you've just been stung. If no leaves are handy, apply a generous dab of this salve.

    Our salve is made from wild-harvested fresh leaves extracted in olive oil, thickened with beeswax, and preserved with vitamin E.

Our products are handmade with our own fresh, unadulterated plants, wild-harvested or organically grown at our small homestead farm. 

Although our product descriptions accurately depict how and why others have used these herbs, we cannot and do not warrant that anything we sell is right for your specific circumstances. We do warrant that our products contain exactly the ingredients listed.